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Guest Comic jACKEt

Guest Comic by jACKEt from Many Dull Knives


This week's awesome guest comic is the work of jACKEt (I have no other way of addressing her lol) (@jHYtse) from Many Dull Knives comic (@ManyDullKnives)! It's related to this comic about the guys going to see Arrietty.

Her comic is still starting off, but it's looking good so far :) She's great, and has a great sense of humour, and is very interactive (at least on Twitter, which is where we talk most).

So check out her comic and let us both know what you think of her guest comic :) Thanks jACKEt! :D

I hope you're enjoying these guest comics as much as I am. It's so cool for me to see all this stuff people come up with within my (still tiny) universe.

Ah, I may be putting up a comic in the following weeks. I manage to scrape bits of time to work on CFL so there's that. 1

But I still have some guest comics and I may be getting more along the way, so you shan't go hungry on your weekly dose of Cereals For Lunch.

Also to the right you may notice an InkOutbreak image that rotates other great webcomics around, and if you would bother, the links to vote for Cereals For Lunch on TopWebComics.

Thanks for reading :)



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