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Guest Comic by Daniel Barton

Guest comic by Daniel B. from Goober and Cindy


Today we have a guest comic by the most excellent Daniel Barton from the Goober and Cindy webcomic!

Goober and Cindy is a comic about an alien and a little girl (and sometimes baby Alex) in all sorts of hilarious situations!

Here's a great Goober and Cindy strip for you to check out!

One day on twitter he just told me "Hey, man, do you have anything in the mail? I sent you a guest comic" and when I read the comic I laughed my ass off! I totally was not expecting it, and it made my day!

He also does The Webcomic Show, a Youtube talk show with people from the webcomics world. Check out the latest episode below.

As if that wasn't enough he also makes music which you can find at www.alien7.nl so make sure to check it out!

Thanks again to Daniel for being such a fantastic guy and doing such great stuff, and also for this hilarious guest comic!

I hope you guys liked Daniel's guest comic!



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