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Film Fantastic

Cinematographic Decadence

I can't say I'm a movie buff, but I do enjoy watching good films, when they come up.

The thing is, though, if I watch a film that I don't think is good enough, I can be quite the asshole. I start bashing at it, and get really upset at the fact that the biggest production companies in the world would think that this film would be something I would enjoy. It seems like to them we are some mindless drones that subsist on explosions and romantic comedies. Or that for some reason we will just buy tickets to any film about a comic book. I really like both mediums, but I don't believe a film should be made if they can't come up with any decent stories for them.

The way in which these characters came to life have been exposed in the actual comics, but probably also in films since they have been created, and as much as I loved Batman Begins (and the ensuing films), I don't think they should keep bringing back more any more comic book heroes... for now. I know, I know we have better special effects now, but to be honest, I don't watch a film for it's special effects. I'm glad they're there, but I believe the story should be the most important factor in the film.

To be honest, I don't think Batman was taken very seriously in past films, so these recent ones were, in my experience, different from the tone taken in previous ones, a more serious and mature tone.

That said, it just seems to me that every year, if you say 80 films come out, about 30 are about comics, probably sequels to previous ones.

Other 30 will be romantic comedies. Definitely. And I love romantic comedies, they have something for everyone, but I think there's something growing in comedy, which is the "awkward". I must say, I'm not enjoying it.

Anyway I've ranted long enough. Suffice to say, I keep going less and less to the cinema, because I am always demotivated by the films that they put out.

Also, I am afraid I'm turning more and more into an old man... You know, I'm damn close to say "In 1990 they made nice films!"...

Oh well... To better days...

Do you have any cool films I should see?



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