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About Cereals For Lunch

Cereals for Lunch is a webcomic about a group of friends, basically going about their lives.

Boy, that wasn't awkward at all.

Gary from The Dog and Louse said:

"Cereals For Lunch is like the meal it describes: delicious and irreplaceable. And becomes soggy if you leave it to soak in milk."

Brandon and Colin from TWXXD said:

"A tale of five friends and the cereals that love them."

The real Violet said:

"Cereals for lunch is a comic that follows the life of John Volger and his friends. Some of the most common topics involve video games, music, tv shows, and work life."

The Characters

The 5 main characters in Cereals For Lunch are:


John was physically based on me (Joćo). I sometimes use him to express my own opinions. His personality in the comic is the closest to mine in reality.

John is a graphic designer.

He likes to play video games.

He and Violet have been together since forever (or however far back you can trace them) (which you can't, really)

Mike from Dustpiggies said:

"I think he's a kind young man who is conscious of the injustice in the world."

The real Violet said:

"John is a 20 something guy who works as a designer and he has a reputation of being a man-child.

He thinks cereals is the perfect meal."


Violet was physically based on my girlfriend. Generally not like her in personality.

Violet will usually be right about stuff. (that's one of the times she's like my girlfriend)

She is, as women usually are, the voice of reason.

She's been in the group for a very long time and the constant idiocy is starting to get to her.

She will age well.

She loves John for who he is. Really deep down. Deeper. There.


Will. Ah, Will. Will was physically based on one of my greatest friends. Often not like him in personality.

Will doesn't really care for the rest of the world, as long as it doesn't interfere with him.

As a result, he has a skewed vision of reality and society.

Will and John have been friends since pre-school.

Pre-school was awesome.

He likes pistachios.


Julian was phyisically based on another great friend of mine. Generally not like him in personality.

Julian is a programmer. He works at the National Transport System as a system administrator.

He and John are tight Twitter buddies.

They've been friends for years, though. Twitter just... closes the distance... you know? Like they can be close when they're far away.

His dreams involve chips.


Anne is not physically based on anyone I know. But if she looks like you, hey, she was based on you!

She has an urge to care for people. Any way she can.

Which is why she's attending Nursing school. To be a Nurse. That's right. I went there.

She thinks Violet is a little bit creepy. Can you blame her, though?

She is very trusting of people she meets.

About me

My name is Joćo Valagćo, I'm from Portugal, I'm a programmer by day. I really like it that you're reading my comic.

If you want to know anything else about me, the characters or the comic, talk to me!

I do like cereals and I enjoy them regularly.