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All extra content that is not part of the comic will be posted here

Secret Book Spine Drawings

Every 100 books come with a different drawing on the spines and each book is numbered, and as each book is sold, the spine drawing is unlocked!

Vol 1 (1 - 100)

The first 100 CFL book spines


Backgrounds and high-res images


Snapshots of comics/images that you can use

Anne Body Anne Drunk Anne Head Anne Turn CFL Bowl CFL Cast CFL HIMYM Parody God Earth John Body John Glasses John Guitar John Head John Sandwich John Shout John Sleep Julian Body Julian Head Julian Wrath Original John Original John with Violet Violet and Anne Violet Body Violet Creepy Violet Head Will Body Will Head Will Riot


Videos related to Cereals For Lunch

Cereals For Lunch Drawing

Cereals For Lunch Trailer

Cereals For Lunch Trailer 2


Events and things outside the comic I'm involved in.


Art stuff. That's about it.

Guest Spots