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Guest Comic Gary B

Guest Comic by Gary B. from The Dog And Louse

Hey everyone!

This guest comic was the work of the magnificently punderful (no, seriously, this man is a master of puns) Gary B., creator of The Dog And Louse (@thedogandlouse)! This comic plays on the running gag that is present in some CFL comics.

The Dog And Louse has been running for over a year, and is fantastic! Definitely take a look at it!

Gary is very active on Twitter, and with hilarious results, so I recommend that you follow him there.

Regarding the Hiatus, the thing that was keeping me away from CFL is coming close to functionality, so I may be starting CFL up again soon :D

Don't forget to let me and Gary know what you think of the guest comic!

Also, again, if you can vote for Cereals For Lunch on Top Web Comics (link on the right), it would mean a lot to me! Thanks :D

Thanks for reading!




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