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CFL Alternate Book Cover

It happened.

I couldn't make a comic for today.

I'm sorry. We're working hard to get the store prepped for opening as soon as possible and today the work that was being done on it was over, so it was our turn to start putting everything together and stuff. We've been running around for weeks now putting everything together and looking for products and advertising materials and designing said stuff.

So basically I don't have a comic for you all today. And I probably won't have one for some time... And it kills me, but I want to post something today (it's still today) so here you have an alternate cover for the CFL book.

The books, by the way, are arriving tomorrow (they would have arrived today but I wasn't here to get them).

We're very excited about the shop. The more we work on it and the better it looks and we're hoping we'll be doing something different here.

Here's a photo of our first shipment that arrived today:

Our merch

And here's our logo printed out in rigid plastic (or whatever they call this)

Our logo

I'm really sorry I don't have a comic for you today. I hope I'll be able to do comics again soon. Until then, I'll try to put up some stuff for you or some sketch I manage to get out.

Thanks for sticking with me.


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