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Filler 2

The longest month(s)

Hey everyone!

If you're still coming around to check things out, thanks a lot. I kept an eye on the visits and I kept getting new visits even though I wasn't really putting anything up.

I'm really sorry for not posting any updates. If you care, our shop is now open and you can check it out here: Deliciosas Descobertas and it's.. going ok. We're still starting off so we're not expecting a lot, but it does have to perform better.

Anyway here's a photo of the shop all set up and all for you to see:

Tomorrow is also CFL's 4th anniversary and I'll be posting something tomorrow if it kills me. Yes it's a saturday.

I will also have news tomorrow regarding the future of CFL.

I love you all for spending this time with me. If you want to go back and take a look at the whole comic I would suggest you visit the archives or buy the book (for some extra comics and a doodle by yours truly).

You can also check out the Extras page to see the spine drawing that's been unlocked so far!

What's the spine drawing? Well I drew something across all 100 books' spines, and every time one goes out, the spine is unlocked in that drawing.

Anyway, yeah. Later today I'll be posting another "filler" that I drew some time in the last month.

God it's been so long. I miss this.


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