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Pride Pounding

Oboy Oboy Oboy Oboy!

Right now I'm feeling that high I get when I get new games.

First I just want to apologize for the long time without any posts. There was a health-related issue in the family.

Anyway, I recently bought 2 games.

One I had been waiting for a while to get, RAGE, by id Software.

I may have mentioned before, but if I haven't, I am a huge id Software fanboy, I think mostly because of John Carmack's feats in graphic computing.

If you know id Software and you read about RAGE, you will know it's a bit of a step into strange waters by id Software, who have pretty much devoted their graphic engines to shooters. They made a name for themselves due to the multiplayer capabilities of their games, their modifiability, and of course, the immense fun of blowing your friends and coworkers to bits. The titles they're known for are Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake, and their successors. What they're not known for is the countless number of games that have been released with id's engines. Games such as Half-life, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and countless more that I am too bored to research.

Now RAGE isn't totally out of the genre. The single-player game is mainly 1st Person, and I'll admit, pretty similar to Fallout. But I will, in my short experience with the game and with the knowledge that my opinion might be biased, defend that this game FEELS better than Fallout. The game is lighter, the graphics are similar if not better (but I've heard a lot of stuff about issues with graphic errors, so if you are going to play it, check your drivers), but mainly, you just feel better walking around in RAGE's Wasteland than in Fallout's.

Anyway, anyway... the twist is that the multiplayer of the game focuses on the driving part of the game (yeah, you get quad bikes and buggies to drive around). Yes, the vehicles have weapons and the driving is pretty aggressive, and you can play the game in Co-op, but still, it's very... let's say... brave of id Software to venture into new grounds. I can't say I have played it all, but so far, the single player is keeping me very interested.

The second game I got was Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. I was looking for something new to play there (not that I've even finished the games I already have, but yay new game) and I read two good reviews on this game, so I got it, and it has been nice so far. It's an RPG, where you control (so far) up to 3 characters, but the way you work with the characters builds relations between them and there are some special attacks that use a combination of the party's special attacks. So far it seems to be pretty cool.

Here is a trailer for RAGE:

And now one of Xenoblade Chronicles:

Anyway, if you guys wanna play RAGE with me, my Steam username is 1337h41, so you can add me. Maybe we can play some TF2 or Portal2 or Alien Swarm.

Ah... I really get too hyped up with games. I expect a period of total lack of productivity...

What games would you recommend me?



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